Wild Rift Patch 3.5 Exclusive Skin Line Allegedly Leaked

As patch 3.5 is a couple of weeks from release, some leaks suggest that Riot will release an upcoming Wild Rift exclusive skin line.

Comparing all the updates since patch 3.0, patch 3.4 was the most significant and memorable update. This update brought along many new changes and additions. In addition, four champions were released in this update, such as Gwen, Yone, Vex, and Warwick. Furthermore, Riot also added a new 1v1 game mode called Duel.

As for cosmetics, Riot released a plethora of skins. For starters, Crystal Rose received more Wild Rift exclusive skins like Crystal Rose Akali. In addition, Riot also released the Bewitching skin line from the PC League, with the exclusive Bewitching Vex skin.

Riot, in this patch, also released a Wild Rift-exclusive skin line called Supreme Cells. This skin line featured skin such as Supreme Cells Zed, Supreme Cells Sett, and Supreme Cells Kennen.

Like Supreme Cells in the current patch, Riot will make another exclusive skin line in the upcoming patch, 3.5.

A prominent League of Legends leaker, BigBadBear, revealed that Riot would release a “graffiti” themed exclusive skin line for Wild Rift.

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Wild Rift Exclusive Skin line

As stated before, this new skin line will be “graffiti”/”street art”/”crash of color” themed. In League of Legends, we never had a theme similar to this. The closest we have gotten was the True Damage skin line. Furthermore, the recent Empyrean skin line also had a neon/street art aesthetic. So even though we never had a similar theme like graffiti or street art, we have gotten close.

Concept Art

The leaker also managed to provide some concept art. He stated that the upcoming skins would mix the concepts provided.

Wild Rift Exclusive Skin line
Image credits: BigBadBear (Youtube)

These concepts show that there are skins for Akali, Ezreal, Kennen, Urgot, Illaoi, and Riven. One thing to note, the upcoming skins won’t look identical to these concepts. Moreover, Illaoi isn’t even released in Wild Rift yet.

Will There Be An Event?

According to the leaker, there will be an event similar to the Supreme Cells event. The Supreme Cells event featured a loot box-style rewards system. Furthermore, the players could unlock the Supreme Cells Kennen just by buying the pass. So we can expect the upcoming skin line to have a similar event system.

Release Date

The upcoming Wild Rift exclusive skin line will hit live servers on patch 3.5, which is scheduled to release on Nov 17, 2022.

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