Riot Introduces New 1 V 1 Gamemode for Wild Rift

Riot Games unveils a new game mode exclusive to Wild Rift that will focus on 1v1s called Duel.

In League of Legends, there are many game modes. 5v5 Summoner’s Rift and 5v5 ARAM are the current permanent game modes. Other than them, there have been various limited-time modes such as URF, Ultimate Spellbook, One for All, etc.

There used to be extra permanent modes as well, that being Twisted Treeline and Dominion. Later down the line, they got removed for having low player counts and being very buggy. Even so, players loved all of these different game modes and were asking Riot to add more new permanent game modes.

Not only on League of Legends PC, but Riot also adds new and exciting game modes in Wild Rift. Recently they added ARURF and an exclusive game mode called Elemental Rift into the game. The Elemental Rift game mode was added to the game so that Riot could test whether the Rift changes could work in Wild Rift or not, similar to League PC. And because of its popularity, Riot added the full Elemental Rift to the game in patch 3.3.

Since patch 3.4 is coming soon on Wild Rift, Riot has released a new preview video showing off new addition and changes to the game. One of the things they showed off was a new Wild Rift exclusive gamemode for 1v1s. This new gamemode is called Duel.

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New Gamemode: Duel

As stated before, this new gamemode will be a 1vs1 gamemode and will take place in the ARAM map Howling Abyss.

In this gamemode, you get to pick and ban a champion before starting a match, unlike in regular modes, where it happens after you find a game. You can even presumably set an item list and a rune page during that time.

It’s unsure whether or not you will be able to change your champion and items once you find a match.

Once in-game, there are two win conditions. One is the traditional destroy the nexus condition. While the other one is that if a player reaches a set kill goal, that player is automatically rewarded the victory. This win condition was showcased in the preview video.

As of right now, Riot did not reveal if there would be a ranked mode for Duel, but it wouldn’t surprise us since these sorts of 1v1 modes do become very competitive after a while. So Riot might add a ranked mode in the future if the mode is popular enough.

Also, Riot did not mention if Duel would be coming to the PC League or not. Even though fans desperately want a new permanent gamemode, if the duel mode fails for Wild Rift, we will probably not see this gamemode on PC soon.

Release Date

The Duel will release on League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 3.4, scheduled to come out on September 15, 2022.

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