League of Legends New ‘One For All-timate Spellbook’ Game Mode: Dates, How It Works, and More

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

The limited-time Ultimate Spellbook game mode is returning to League of Legends. But this time, there is a slight chance of a special version of the game mode, called One for All-timate Spellbook.

There are many limited-time game modes in League of Legends; some are widely loved, and some are forgotten to say the least. Probably one of the most recognizable of them all is Ultimate Spellbook.

Ultimate Spellbook is the newest featured game mode that came out during the Ruination event in early 2020. And it was widely a success. Players loved to play this featured game mode for how unique it was.

In this game mode, you pick any champions you want. Then, once in-game, you can select one more extra ultimate ability from other champions. That way, each player will have two different ultimate abilities, and the game stays chaotic.

And now, this limited rotating game mode will return on patch 12.16 with a twist.

In the patch notes for 12.16, Riot stated that there would be a small chance of a special version of Ultimate Spellbook occurring called One for All-timate Spellbook.

Judging from the name One for All-timate Spellbook, it’s a mix between the game modes Ultimate Spellbook and One For All. One For All is another well-loved limited-time game mode, where players from each team pick the same champion and fight against each other.

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How it works

“Each game of Ultimate Spellbook will have a small chance for a particularly silly type of game to occur,” Riot stated on Patch 12.16 Notes. “When it does, it’s weighted in favor of having a particularly large impact on the game that we can’t wait for you to FEAST your eyes on!”

Like regular Ultimate Spellbook, the players will be able to pick and ban any champions they want. Also, during the regular Ultimate Spellbook, once in-game, players can choose between one of four different ultimate abilities that will replace one of their spells. But there is a slight chance for One For All-timate to occur during the start of the game.

Unlike the regular Ultimate Spellbook, in the One For All-timate Spellbook, there is a slight chance for every player’s pool of ultimates to contain the same ultimate in all four selections. All champions on both teams will have the same alternative ultimate ability.

One For All-timate Spellbook Start Date

League of Legends’ new game mode, One For All-timate, will go live on patch 12.16, scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 2022.

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