Wild Rift Exclusive Super Villain Jhin Skin Leaked

As patch 3.5 is a couple of weeks from release, some leaks suggest the upcoming Wild Pass skin, Super Villain Jhin.

Among all the updates since patch 3.0, patch 3.4 was the most important and influential. It brought many new items and champions into the game. Alongside items, this patch also introduced a new game mode, Duel, and four new champions: Gwen, Yone, Vex, and Warwick.

As for cosmetics, many skins were released in patch 3.4. For starters, a Wild Rift exclusive skin line Supreme Cells, was released, featuring Supreme Cells Zed, Supreme Cells Sett, and Supreme Cells Kennen. Moreover, Crystal Rose received more unique skins like Crystal Rose Akali and Crystal Rose Yone.

Finally, for Halloween, Riot released the Bewitching Skin line from the PC league, adding Bewitching Vex as the Wild Rift exclusive skin. And for the Wild Rift pass, Riot Released the Super Hero Jayce skin.

Even though we are almost a month away from the release of patch 3.5, there have already been massive leaks about the upcoming wild pass skin.

A prominent Wild Rift leaker, Canserole, posted a video on Youtube about the upcoming Wild Pass skin, Super Villain Jhin.

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Super Villain Jhin

Super Villain Jhin Wild Rift
Image Credits: Canserole (Youtube)

Super Villain Jhin will be a superhero-based skin, similar to Super Hero Jayce. This skin resembles a mix of Project: Jhin and Dark Cosmic Jhin. Not only that, but Jhin also received a new skin on PC League recently, Empyrean Jhin. Looking at both, they share the same aesthetic.

And with the release of this new exclusive skin, it might be the end of the superhero-themed skin line in Wild Rift. But we have to wait and see if Riot releases another one in the following Wild Pass.

Release Date

Super Villain Jhin skin will be in hit live servers on patch 3.5. Moreover, it is scheduled to release on Nov 17, 2022.

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