Empyrean Jhin Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price

Riot Games has revealed a new skin line called Empyrean that features many skins, including Empyrean Jhin.

With Riot innovating new skins constantly for different champions, Jhin has been one of the more popular selections in League of Legends. The champion has a lot of skins, with 5 normal skin releases and 2 team skins based on Worlds.

Jhin is a very popular champion that has a really high player base. Thus, his skins are exceptionally well-liked, particularly Dark Cosmic Jhin and Project Skin. Besides the two mentioned, Jhin has many good skins, such as High Noon Jhin, etc. As the champion has risen in popularity, so has his frequency of getting new skin.

Thus, when Riot announced a new skin line called Empyrean, Jhin was included in the fold. The Empyrean skin line boasts a dark and neon theme with varied colors resembling RGB effects. The skins have a cosmic and ethereal feel based on the video released. Below is the video released by the League of Legends Social Media handles.

Empyrean Jhin will also be part of the skin line, so here is what we know.

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Release Date

Empyrean Jhin will be released on November 3rd, which suggests a release on Patch 12.21. This will be released with the rest of the skins in the skin line. Empyrean Jhin will be released in PBE soon as the video reveal comes before the skin has been fully tested.


Empyrean Jhin will be an Epic Skin, costing 1350 RP

Splash Art

Empyrean Jhin
Image: Riot Games

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