Where is the Starfield Research Laboratory?

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield has research laboratories in various places, which you can use to upgrade various gears in the game. Here, we will show you where to find a research laboratory in the game.

Starfield has a massive universe for the players to explore and enjoy. Right from the start of the game, you are given access to a spaceship capable of jumping from galaxy to galaxy. So, you will be able to go to any galaxy, and within those galaxies, you can even land and explore any planet you want. But exploration is not the only thing Starfield has to offer.

Along with some good main and side quests, Starfield has a research system that you will have to use to improve various items in the game. But you will need the research laboratory to do that. The starting ship contains a research lab, but there are various methods to get one even outside of that. This guide will guide you on your path to find a research lab in Starfield.

Research Laboratory Location in Starfield

Research laboratories can be found in various locations in the game. The first lab you will find is in your starting ship. This ship has a research lab where you can do various kinds of research to develop or improve items. Even if you don’t use the starting ship anymore, there are more than enough options to find a new research lab in the game.

Other than the ship, the closest lab you will find is in the Constellation base. In the Constellation Base’s basement, you will find all types of research labs that you can use. Any kind of research and modification of equipment can be carried out from this place.

If you think going back to the Constellation base for research is too much of a hassle, you can add research labs to your ship. Go to any spaceport and talk to the technician. Next, enter shipbuilder mode and go to the Hab module option. There, you will find all kinds of research labs and workbench facilities. Simply add the ones you will need and finalize it. Then, you will have access to a lab right inside your ship whenever you want.

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