Wardstone Items Disabled Due to A Bug in Patch 13.10

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A bug has caused Wardstone items to be disabled in Patch 13.10.

Riot has dealt with quite a few bugs, exploits, and bots in League of Legends Season 13. These issues have popped up with every patch, and some of them have been fixed, while others persist to some extent. Recently, Riot has had to disable or delay patches in order not to encounter problems.

In terms of bugs, Biscuit Delivery has had a fair bit of problems this season that included either getting infinite gold or infinite mana. Also, a Critical Error bug was occurring due to some third-party apps.

There were also a few exploits, like the Tahm Kench issues and botting problems. In many cases, it was mostly getting infinite essence or even scripting issues that players have complained about. Since then, Riot has started addressing it by ramping up on a better anti-cheat this year and doing ban waves.

While that bit is being addressed, bugs still continue to persist in League of Legends. One of the items that have had a persistent problem is the Wardstone Items. They have now been disabled for a bug, and here is what we know so far.

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Wardstone Items Disabled

Wardstone Items have been having issues for a while in League of Legends. Some report the item does not work, while it causes some champion interactions to be too absurd. Here was the first time one of the Wardstone items was flagged to have problems.

In this instance, they managed to sort it out within a day. However, players on social media have mentioned the item is still not working properly. This has led us to this moment where all the Wardstone items have been disabled.

This time around, players are reporting that Wardstone items cannot be bought or properly used despite the quest being complete. It is just a very sad situation with the Warstone items as it gains another bug after one is fixed. At this point, there might be a need for a bit of an overhaul on the backend just to finally fix the issues. Hopefully, Riot will fix them for good, and we won’t have to hear about the items having issues again.

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