LoL Soul Fighter Samira & Pyke Skins Allegedly Leaked

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

New information about this year’s summer skin line has allegedly been leaked.

With summertime fast approaching, the League of Legends community is excited to see what Riot has in store for the upcoming summer event.

Earlier this year, Riot announced they would invest heavily in League of Legends, especially the skins and game mode department. In the announcement, Riot promised to release a new skin line for MSI, which they did in the form of the Inkshadow skin line. They also teased a new 2v2v2v2 game mode and announced a big summer event.

According to Riot, this year’s summer event is supposed to be the biggest one they have ever released. And will come with a new game mode and a new skin line.

Having said that, it’s almost summertime, and there has been no information about this summer event. But recently, the well-known leaker Big Bad Bear shared some new information about the summer event and the new skin line called “Soul Fighter” coming with it.

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Soul Fighter Skins

According to Big Bad Bear, The “Soul Fighter” skin line will be released with the big summer event. As the name suggests, the skin line is likely inspired by fighting games such as Street Fighter or Mortal Combat.

As for the champion, who will be receiving the skins, only two champions were confirmed, Samira and Pyke. The Samira skin is said to be the first Legendary+ tier skin to be released for the game. Legendary+ is rumored to be the new tier of skins that fits somewhere between Ultimate and Legendary. The Pyke skin will likely be an epic-tier skin.

The leaker also shared that we will get a game mode similar to the OCE exclusive, Valentines Gamemode.

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