Stormrazor Gets Big Nerfs on LoL Patch 13.11

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Patch 13.11 will introduce the nerfs for Stormrazor, as it has been too strong thus far.

League of Legends introduced the biggest patch of the season that overhauled many of the items. Patch 13.10 was designed to shake up the ADC meta and bring in more variety in terms of item builds that include hybrid setups. The meta will now shift from a standard tank and hyper-carry meta to more Assassins and versatile builds coming to the fray.

The highlight of the patch was the changes to Kraken Slayer and the introduction of Statikk Shiv. However, the Stormrazor changes have made the biggest impact so far in Patch 13.10. This item has become a staple for most ADC builds in the patch right now.

With how relatively cheap the item is, its ability to give movement speed and extra damage makes it way too strong as a first item. Riot has identified that and is nerfing the item. Here are the changes to Stormrazor in Patch 13.11.

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Stormrazor Nerfs Patch 13.11

The item is getting an AD reduction as well as some number changes on the Energized Passive.

  • Attack Damage: 55 >>> 50.
  • Passive – Energize:
    • Damage: 25 + 65% Total AD >>> 15 + 60% Total AD.

While players may panic a little about how the Stormrazor nerf is coming rather quickly, this was much needed. The item is really strong, and Riot is slightly nerfing it. Gold efficiency of the item will increase, probably making players think a little before making it their first item.

Overall, these are not huge nerfs, but the damage nerfs will definitely be felt. Riot will keep monitoring the item issues and balancing them if issues pop up.

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