Statikk Shiv Returns To League of Legends: New Stats, Changes, and More

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Statikk Shiv is coming back to League of Legends in Patch 13.10

Patch 13.10 has become the big talk of the town since the latest PBE patch in League of Legends. Riot has gone above and beyond to rework/change a lot of items for the future of the game. As Riot Meddler had mentioned in the last dev blog that changes were coming. However, no one quite expected this many changes were coming.

He also mentioned how this could be the last straw for the Mythic Item system. Riot is fine-tuning items to improve the system’s usability and see if it works. If this fails, we might be seeing a brand-new item system in the preseason. All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to in Patch 13.10.

Amongst all the changes, there is some new and old stuff coming to League of Legends. Echoes of Helia is the new item coming for Supports, while a lot of the ADC Mythic Items were swapped around for certain build patterns and hybrid damage playstyles.

One of the old items making a return is Statikk Shiv, as the chain lightning sword is coming back to Rift. Here is what the stats are for the item and its potential uses.

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Statikk Shiv Return

It is nice to see Statikk Shiv returning with a new use now that Riot has changed how ADC item paths work. Before talking more, let’s lay out the stats for the new Statikk Shiv.

Image Credit: Riot Games
  • Build Path: Noonquiver (1300) + Cloak of Agility (600) + Kircheis Shard (700) + 400 Gold.
  • Gold Cost: 3000.
  • Attack Damage: 45.
  • Attack Speed: 25%.
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20%.
  • Passive – Energized:
    • Moving and Attacking will generate an Energized Attack.
  • Unique Passive – Electroshock:
    • Your Energized Attack fires chain lightning that applies 60 – 170 (based on level) (+ 50% AP) bonus magic damage, increased to 60 – 170 (based on level) (+ 100% AP) against minions. Hits 6 – 12 (based on level) targets.

With the new Statikk Shiv, ADC’s should get a fair bit of magic damage and clearing speed in the lane. This will help champions that can utilize the item, like a Kog’Maw or Twitch, which will probably go down the Guinsoo Rageblade build, considering all the AP scaling.

The item having more AP scaling signals that Riot wants this item on the champions, which will go down toward that AP build. This is a good item to add to the hybrid set of items that are going to be added in Patch 13.10.

Release Date

Statikk Shiv will come with the rest of the items in Patch 13.10, which is set to release on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

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