Riot Ramping Up Banning Bots in League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Botting has been a pretty big issue for the past few years; Riot is finally addressing it.

Botting is a big issue in Online Multiplayer games, and League of Legends, being one of them, has its fair share of botting. That being said, compared to other games League’s botting issue wasn’t prevalent. But for the last few years, botting has increased significantly.

Right now, if you were to jump in a Co-Op vs. Ai game, there is a big chance you would encounter a bot. These bots either run it down or use some exploit like the Akshan E bug to stay AFK without being detected. These significantly harm the new player experience and sometimes even prompt many new players to quit the game altogether.

Moreover, bots have been running around low-Elo-ranked games as well. The infamous Yuumi bots, for example, are one of the most prevalent types of bots. These bots attach to an ally and typically don’t do anything, leading to a 4v5 game.

The reason for the increase of these bots is the account/smurf selling websites. These websites usually use the bots to level up a new account to level 30 and sell these accounts for a fair amount of profit.

Riot has mentioned in the past that they are looking into the issue, but from the looks of it, botting hasn’t decreased much. But after the recent Social Engineering Attack, Riot seems to be stepping up and mass banning bots.

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Riot Mass Banning Bots

In a recent Tweet, Riot K3o, a Riot’s Anti-Cheat Team member, announced that they are “ramping up our cadence in removing bots in League of Legends.” He stated that they are aware of the current botting issues and are committed to fighting them.

He also mentioned, “Feel free to DM me any bots you encounter moving forward, particularly if it’s in a non-Co-Op game mode.”

Although It is impossible to resolve this situation overnight, it still is a step in the right direction for Riot.

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