Riot Confirms Improved Anti-Cheat for League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Improved Anti-Cheat is in the works, according to Riot.

Cheating in video games refers to using unauthorized means to gain an unfair in said game. Cheating is relatively widespread in video games nowadays. Many people cheat in a variety of games, both offline and online.

However, cheating is less common in offline games and more prevalent in online games, particularly competitive games. That is why anti-cheat software exists. Game developers use anti-cheat software to detect cheaters and remove them from the game. But sometimes, these anti-cheats are either not very effective or have been compromised.

The latter is the case for League of Legends. Earlier this year, Riot Games’ system was hit by a social engineering attack. During the attack, the hackers stole the source code for both  League of Legends and TFT. For those who are unfamiliar, source code is similar to a game’s DNA. It contains information about the game as well as anti-cheat measures.

Because the source code was taken, the game will almost certainly have more cheaters. Thus, Riot is working to improve their anti-cheat system in order to combat such cheaters.

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Improved Anti-Cheat In Works

Riot Meddler, the Head of League Studio, recently confirmed that they are working on improving their anti-cheat. Due to security reasons, he did not disclose more details about the new anti-cheat. Since Riot already has a pretty good anti-cheat for VALORANT called Vanguard, it’s likely something like it will be implemented for League of Legends.

Although Vanguard will likely keep cheaters out, there is still a privacy concern. Because the anti-cheat gives Riot kernel-level access to your computer, Riot can access all data on your computer. And not many people want to provide a company unrestricted access to their computers. Furthermore, Vanguard doesn’t work on Linux-based operating systems.

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