Riot Finally Fixes Biscuit Delivery’s Infinite Mana Bug

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The latest 13.6 hotfix has finally addressed the Infinite Mana bug.

Every video game has bugs, and League of Legends is no exception. The game has more bugs than typical games since it updates so frequently. Almost every patch introduces new in-game and client bugs, and Patch 13.6 is no different.

In the patch, a new bug was introduced, dubbed the “Infinite Mana” bug. As the name implies, the bug allowed the user to get infinite mana. Due to an interaction between the Rune Biscuit Delivery and the shop’s Undo function, players could increase their mana pool by 40 mana at a time.

The bug was introduced at the start of Patch 13.6 and patched out a few days later with a Hotfix. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the bug and how it affected champions.

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The Bug

Before going into detail about the “Infinite Mana” bug, we must first look at the problem that caused the bug.

In Patch 13.5, Riot introduced a bug that decreased the total mana of a champion. If a player “Undo” an item after receiving a Biscuit from the Biscuit Delivery rune, their maximum mana would be reduced. It would be reduced by 80 mana per item. This led to some hilarious situations where players would randomly have less mana than intended. And in some exceptional cases, they would not have enough maximum mana to cast abilities. The Youtuber Vandiril did a fantastic video on the bug, so consider checking it out.

Riot fixed the issue in Patch 13.6 but introduced another.

YouTube video

Now that we have some context, we can move on to the ‘Infinite Mana Bug.’ It was introduced due to Riot’s attempt at fixing the previous bug. But this time, mana could be gained infinitely instead of losing maximum mana. Players could “undo” the biscuit gained from the “Biscuit Delivery” and farm infinite mana.

Thankfully, Riot quickly identified the bug and fixed it in the latest with a hotfix patch. Players can now queue up to Solo-Queue without seeing a 9000+ mana Ryze running around the map.

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