Varus has been banned in every single LPL games so far in the 2020 Summer Split

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Varus has been dominating the high Elo for the last couple of patches and now his dominance has reached a whole new level.

The state of AD carries was a bit of questionable at the beginning of season 10. After tons of complaints, Riot had to rebalance the ADC meta on patch 10.11. But some AD carries were strong even without the buff and Varus was one of them.

Varus started season 10 with a decent buff to his Q on patch 10.1 as his season 9 stats were quite low. After the buffs, his win rate didn’t fluctuate much in Plat+ Elo, but in Korean Master+ Elo, his win rate increased to a massive 55% with an 8% pick rate in patch 10.2. And his win rate didn’t drop much ever since. On patch 10.13, he still has a massive 54% win rate in Korean Master+ Elo even with the nerf on patch 10.12. Players tried different builds within this time but Varus got most of the success because of the Lethality build.

Blight Crystal Varus Via Riot Games

Higher Elo players were so tired of Varus that he was banned in almost every single match if not picked. Between patch 10.9 to patch 10.11, he also had a massive 80% ban rate in Master+ Elo.

As a result, he got a lot of attention from League players, which resulted in him getting nerfs on patch 10.12. Although with this nerf his win rate dropped in Plat+ Elo, his presence in the higher Elo is still strong as ever.

But now he has reached a whole new level. According to gamepedia, in the 2020 LPL Summer Split, he is now banned in every single 131 games that have been played so far. Aphelios is the only champion who is very close to Varus with a 96.9% presence. In the Spring Split, Varus also had a 96.8% pick or ban rate in the LPL.

Riot Games has already acknowledged his presence in both the Pro and higher Elo games and decided to give him some noticeable nerf in the upcoming patch 10.14. In patch 10.14, they are nerfing his Q’s minimum and maximum damage while nerfing his E as well. And with these nerf, Varus might not be as strong as before even in the higher Elos.

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