Ezreal and Varus are getting nerfs on patch 10.14

After dominating the last couple of patches Ezreal is finally getting a nerf while Varus is receiving yet another nerf on patch 10.14.

For the last couple of patches, Riot Games has been focusing on ADC. First, they buffed most of the ADCs on patch 10.11 in order to make them relevant in the meta. Some champions are still struggling with the buff but there are few ADC who was dominating even without the buffs on patch 10.11, Ezreal and Varus were one of them.

And, today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed that they are planning to nerf Ezreal and Varus in the upcoming patch 10.14.

Ezreal Nerf Patch 10.14

  • E Cooldown: 25-13 >>> 28-16

Ezreal has been the highest picked ADC for the entire season 10 now. As he didn’t get any kind of nerfs on season 10, he had around 40% pick rate while maintaining the highest win rate in League of Legends on patch 10.12. But as on patch 10.13, both the Conqueror and Death’s Dance got nerfed, Ezreal’s win rate dropped to 50% although his pick rate remained the same.

League of Legends communities were questioning Riot Games why Ezreal was escaping from the nerf list for so long. And finally, on patch 10.14, Riot has decided to take away some of his strength back.

Varus Nerf Patch 10.14

  • Q Max damage AD ratio: 150% >>> 125-145% (by rank)
  • Q Min damage: 100% >>> 83-97%
  • E Base damage: 70-210 >>> 50-210

Until his nerf on patch 10.12, Varus had around 80% ban rate in Korean Master+ Elo and around 50% ban rate in rest of the world. Which resulted in getting nerfs on patch 10.12, where they nerfed his AD per level and Q damage.

But apparently it seems like, Varus is still very strong in the Pro plays even with that previous nerf. Although his win rate in Plat+ Elo is below 50% now on patch 10.13, his presence is higher Elo is still strong. As a result, Riot is planning to nerf him once again on patch 10.14.


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