VALORANT’s New Duelist Agent Neon Contract Skin & Rewards

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games has finally revealed their next VALORANT agent called Neon and she is going to join the current roster soon.

As VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is coming to an end really soon, Riot Games has already made some official announcements showcasing what they have in store for the player base in upcoming Episode 4.

Aside from meta-changing updates to weapons and maps, Neon a new duelist agent will join the current vibrant roster. Based on all the gameplay footage Riot has revealed so far, she is definitely going to give Jett a run for her money with her jaw-dropping speed.

Almost every aspect of Neon is garnering a lot of praise from content creators who already had an early hands-on with her. Even some of them has figured out certain speed glitch to get the most out of her abilities. Although Riot has already taken action against those exploits.

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Expect Neon to drop in the live servers alongside the upcoming Episode 4 Act 1 of VALORANT which is supposed to arrive on Jan 10, 2022.

Neon Agent Contract

Like every other agent in VALORANT, Neon will also receive free agent contract skin and other cosmetic rewards like gun buddies and sprays. Agent contract-specific rewards are available for every agent in the game. These agent rewards can be earned for free by just unlocking that particular agent’s contract.

Live Wire Frenzy

Neon Agent contract skin Live Wire Frenzy
Image via ValorantUpdated

Neon ‘Nice To Zap You’ Spray

Neon Contract Spray
Image via ValorantUpdated

Neon ‘Hot Mic’ Spray

Neon Contract Spray
Image via ValorantUpdated

Neon Surge Protector Gun Buddy

Neon Surge Protector Gun Buddy
Image via ValorantUpdated

How to activate Neon’s agent contract

In order to collect these free-agent contract rewards, players just need to activate the Neon’s agent contract by going to the ‘Agents’ section in the VALORANT game client and selecting Neon. After you activate the agent contract, you just need to play matches and gain XP.

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After gaining enough XP, you will be able to unlock all the free rewards that are available in the Agent contract menu.

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