VALORANT World Champions to be held in LA later this year, a recent report claims

VALORANT, Riot Games’ first foray into the tactical shooter genre has matured quite a lot in terms of its Esports.

While in the very beginning Riot was taking a hands-off approach to growing the VALORANT Esports scene, they later rolled back their origin statement and actively started to manage the growth of this Esports scene.

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According to the official roadmap provided by Riot, VALORANT’s first world championship aptly named “VALORANT Champians” will be held later this year in December. But the location was not officially declared.

LA to host VALORANT Champians

In the recent year one celebration Anthem, Riot Games teased that LA might be the place where the very first VALORANT champions will be decided. Additionally, multiple sources familiar with the topic have also confirmed that LA will host the first VALORANT world champions.

Esports has played a massive role in Riot Games becoming the behemoth it is today. From the dedicated fanbase ranging from League of Legends to now VALORANT, the future of Esports seems to be really exciting from the perspective of fans.

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Based on how successful the recent LAN event in Reykjavik was, the main tournament should be even better both in terms of spectacle and viewership. Riot’ Esports division is known for organizing massive tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship. If they can follow League as a good example then this upcoming tournament will be a blast for fans.

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