VALORANT: Riot might be collaborating with Zedd to release a sword skin/bundle

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Zedd on YouTube

A recent leak suggests that Riot might be working with Zedd to release a new sword skin.

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Seems like we are actually getting a new Zedd skin line. It will arrive alongside Episode 3 Act 2 in Valorant.

Prior to the release of VALORANT Episode 3, Riot sent out care packages with specially designed “Spike” to multiple influencers. With an intention to reach out to the VALORANT community, Riot has been trying to execute the task in a unique way. Now, if the Tweet from ValorLeaks turns out to be true, then we can assume that Riot is trying to spread VALORANT beyond just the gaming industry. 

Zedd is most well known for his presence in the music and entertainment industry. Apart from that, Zedd also shares a passion for gaming as well. Since last year, he has been playing VALORANT with North American stars like Wardell. Zedd’s involvement with the VALORANT scene clearly shows his attraction to the game.

Obviously, Riot has taken good notice of these activities. According to the leak, the sword skin will apparently represent Zedd’s personality & profession. It also shares similar aesthetics with the newly released Knife K/TAC Blade. Although the shape is different and somewhat matches the shape of Tethered Realms Sword. 

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An illuminated “Z” logo, possibly hinting at Zedd’s name, is also visible at the handle section of the sword. However, the sword might come with a bundle dedicated to Zedd as well. Riot and Zedd’s collaboration can bring good news for music enthusiasts and Valorant players at the same time. Cosmetic items in VALORANT have distinct characteristics. Adding a custom bundle/sword for Zedd will only increase VALORANT’s reputation & overall reach. 

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