VALORANT players are unable to use voice chat following patch 3.0

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT’s latest Episode 3 Act 1 update featuring massive meta-shifting changes is finally here.

While this new patch has been smooth sailing in terms of delivery and performance, a lot of players are now complaining about the voice chat feature. Following patch 3.0, many players are claiming that they can’t use voice chat functionality in either the party chat or the team chat mode.

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In short, a lot of players have been chat-banned unintentionally. As Valorant relies quite heavily on communicating with your teammates, this is turning out to be really frustrating for players.

Voice chat not working

This issue has been quite widespread since many players have complained about it on their preferred social media platforms. Riot has not made any official comment regarding the issue, as of writing.

Small bugs are common after a massive content drop such as VALORANT patch 3.0. Even though players are really happy with all the changes Riot Games have made in the new Act, the inability to use a crucial voice chat feature is really irritating for players.

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