VALORANT rank system explained for beginners

A rank mode is coming really soon

VALORANT is an upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter that was tailor-made for competitive players in mind.

Even though VALORANT is in its closed beta right now, Riot Games already announced what competitive VALORANT will look like. It seems like Riot is heavily investing in VALORANT’s Esports scene from day one.

After the community asked for a ranked ladder for the closed beta, Riot Games finally listened. They will be adding a competitive mode in an upcoming patch really soon. All this gives a great opportunity to those who want to compete in the VALORANT pro scene.

How rank will look like?

VALORANT rank mode
Courtesy: Riot Games

It seems really obvious that VALORANT will likely follow the same ranked mode inspired by games such as League of Legends. There will be eight different ranks and each of them will have three different tiers.

In summary:

  • Complete 20 Unrated matches to unlock Competitive mode
  • 8 ranks, 3 tiers each, except the top rank, VALORANT
  • Queue with up to 5-player parties must be within 2 ranks
  • Rank isn’t displayed if competitive matches aren’t played within 14 days, but your rank doesn’t decay behind the scenes.
  • Closed beta rank does not carry over to launch

Riot also worked a lot behind the scene to keep the competitive integrity solid by providing a solid anti-cheat system like vanguard from day one. They will also forfeit matches that they think were unfair due to any involvement of cheaters. Riot will also focus a lot on smurfs and boosters to create a more even playing field. This will make sure that you actually deserve the rank that shows on your profile.

This ranked ladder will enable future pro players a chance to show off their skills and maybe get scouted by a tier-1 organization. Many big-name ORGs such as T1 has already made moves to secure potential pros into their roster like BRAX. More are rumored to follow suit. Riot has really high hopes for VALORANT Esports. So much so that Riot secretly held a meeting with big-name organizations to start a franchise even before the game got out of its closed beta state.

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