How Radianite Points Work in VALORANT

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Valorant Radianite Points

In VALORANT, the two notable currencies are VP or Valorant Points and RP or Radianite Points. Here, we will be discussing how RP works and its complete overview.

After you purchase your shiny new Prime Vandal or Ion Phantom, you see that it’s not as cool as it was when your friends had it. There aren’t any futuristic sounds or tantalizing animations or eye-catching finishers. Your skin feels like any old Vandal or Phantom.

Then at your menu weapon screen, you see at the bottom left corner that the gun is at level 1. And you need Radianite Points in order to upgrade it to get those cool effects. You might think to yourself, “What are these Radianite Points and How do I get them?” We aim to answer exactly that in this article.

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What are Radianite Points?

RP or Radianite Points are a secondary form of currency that has significant differences from VP or Valorant Points. The methods of getting them as well as the methods of spending them are quite different. The only way to get VP is to purchase them from the in-game store. To get RP however, aside from purchasing from the in-game store, there are ways to earn RP and get it for free as well which will be discussed in detail further in this article.

With Radianite Points, you can upgrade your skins as well as make them cooler with animations, finishers, color variants, etc. Riot has made RP and VP intertwined as you cannot unlock the full potential of your new skin that you spent so much VP on, without upgrading them with RP.

How to get Radianite Points in VALORANT?

Method 1: In-Game Store

Buying Radianite Points from the shop
Buying Radianite Points from the shop

As discussed above, one method of getting RP is to purchase them from the in-game store using VP. However, most of you will find that they are very expensive and usually not worthwhile for value propositions. But this is still the way to go for people who do not have time to grind and acquire RP in other methods and just want to upgrade their skins immediately.

Method 2: Purchasing the Battle pass

Premium Battle pass rewards
Premium Battle pass rewards

The most efficient way to get Radianite Points is to purchase the battle pass and grind towards completing it. Although not completely free, this method enables you to get the most RP with the least cost. You just need to purchase a $10 USD Battlepass and you’d be playing the game anyway so you’d be earning a lot of RP this way.

Bonus: FREE method

 Free Battle pass rewards
Free Battle pass rewards

The last method might be the hardest but it’s completely free. It’s basically the second method, using the battle pass but without purchasing it. At the end of each battle pass tier, there are some extra rewards that are Free. At tiers 3,5 and 7 you can get 10 RP each for a total of 30 RP absolutely for Free.

 Free Battle pass Epilogue rewards
Free Battle pass Epilogue rewards

On top of that, with so many skins getting released nonstop, Riot has decided to include an Epilogue section mainly comprised of back-to-back RP rewards for a total of 30 extra RP. And the best thing about that? All the Epilogue Rewards including the RP can be earned without purchasing the Battle pass! Outstanding move from Riot for the community there.

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How to upgrade VALORANT weapons using Radianite Points?

Ion Operator at Level 1 vs Level 4
Ion Operator at Level 1 vs Level 4

Rp or Radianite points are used to upgrade your weapon and melee skins. Most Premium skins have different upgrades that can be unlocked by using RP. Vfx, Audio, Finisher, Animations, etc can be upgraded in those skins. There are 4 levels of upgrades and they cost 10 RP each.

Sentinels of Light Vandal different color variations (Via ValorLeaks)
Sentinels of Light Vandal different color variations (Via ValorLeaks)

Weapon Color variants can also be unlocked using RP as well. Spice up the looks of your shiny new skin adorned in different themes and switch them out whenever you like to keep the skins interesting. A lot of skins come in 4 color variants and the base variant is unlocked. To unlock further variants costs 15 RP each.

So to summarize how you can upgrade your weapon with Radianite points, here’s what you need to do.

  • Open up your “Collections” from the top tab in the Game’s home screen
  • Select the Gun you want to upgrade.
  • Select the purchased skin for that gun that you want to upgrade
  • From the bottom left, you can scroll and upgrade the gun’s level. (Cost 10RP each level)
  • In the bottom left area, you can see colored squares that when clicked on, displays the color variations of that weapon. You can purchase those from this screen. (Cost 15RP each variation)

Also, weapon levels need to be upgraded serially from level 2 through level 4 while you can pick just the single color variation you want without having to unlock prerequisite ones.

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