8 Best Eco Round Weapons in VALORANT

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Eco-rounds can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it’s played. Maintaining a stable economy on VALORANT requires strategy & execution. 

All competitive shooters have some sort of credential cycles & limits. Similarly, VALORANT also has a limit on how much money each player can have after a certain round. Such mechanics force players to become more cautious about their weapons. In VALORANT, the in-game currency is called “Creds.”

Riot intended to make VALORANT a well-balanced FPS title that could offer an alternative to all popular titles. That’s why the economic system in VALORANT works similarly to CSGO. Players familiar with these games will have little to no issue adjusting to VALORANT’s economic cycle.

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Types of Eco in VALORANT 

  • Full-Buy 
  • Half-Buy (Eco)
  • Semi-Buy
  • Default-Buy 


Full-buy is sensible when the entire team has sufficient money to buy weapons for the current & upcoming rounds. Even if one player is lacing funds, it’s best not to go for a full buy. In this way, the team will have enough “Credits” left to have a balanced buy for the next round.   


When the team runs out of creds to last through 2 consecutive rounds, it’s best to call for a half-buy or eco-round. In classic terms, players are instructed to buy the bare minimum whilst saving enough for a full-buy next round. A successful half-buy can restore the economy & pave the way for a possible round-winning streak. 


Semi-buy doesn’t frequently occur since it’s challenging to make this decision for an IGL. Usually, a semi-buy is a risky move that could damage the team’s economy for multiple rounds. It could also be rewarding, but the stakes remain high during a semi-buy. 


Default buy offers a level playing field for both teams. Only in two instances do we get a default buy, one during the start of the game & the other during half-time. All players get 800 creds to start with, so it becomes impossible to buy anything other than Pistols & some abilities, although winning these rounds grants a smoother ride on the consequent rounds.

Best Eco-Round Weapons

VALORANT eco-round weapons tier-list

1. Marshal

In VALORANT, the Marshal is a budget version of the Operator. It costs only 950 Creds, but the weapon can deliver devasting blows on eco-rounds. The Marshal can give a 202 Headshot damage from a maximum distance of 50 meters, making it a really effective killing machine. Additionally, Marshal allows for a greater movement ability while firing.

2. Sheriff

The Sheriff is the most powerful handgun in VALORANT. Whilst being controversial, the Sheriff has always been a weapon of choice for the Pros during competitive matches. The Sherrif can deliver 159 Damage in 1 headshot in close range, resulting in instant elimination of the enemy. However, if the range is above 30 meters, then it will take two headshots or Multiple body shots.

3. Spectre

VALORANT has two weapons in the Sub-Machine Gun category, and the Spectre is one of them. Spectre is a weapon for the fast-movers. If you have an excellent grip on the movement mechanics in VALORANT, the Spectre will surprise you in dire situations. Specter costs only 1600 Creds & has a pretty good range too, making it a perfect gun for eco-rounds.

4. Ghost

Ghost is definitely the de-facto gun of the Pistol rounds. It allows the players to purchase a good amount of utilities too. Considering the wide variety of applications of the Ghost, it’s a perfect gun for eco-rounds too. The Ghost costs 500 Creds and has very low-profile characteristics. Buying a Ghost in eco-rounds will ensure a good winning potential.

5. Bulldog

The Bulldog is a notorious weapon among a very specific group of people and has some really effective niche applications.

Although it’s 500 Creds more expensive than the Spectre, the Bulldog offers some serious features like three-round burst & long-range. If you plan to use the Bulldog beyond eco-rounds or Bonus rounds, then purchasing this gun will be a worthy decision.

6. Stinger

Before Patch 3.0, the Stinger used to be a headache for many VALORANT players. Due to it’s accuracy while sprinting, The Stinger would grant instant kills in strange ways. However, the gun is a lot more balanced now & it costs 950 Credits. Walking & Running accuracy is much lower now, but the Stinger still has effective close-range usages.

7. Frenzy

If you know how to use it, the Frenzy is a bang-for-the-buck weapon. It’s an Automatic Pistol that costs only 450 Credits. However, the Frenzy is extremely dangerous in close ranges. Additionally, this handgun is useful in maps like Split or Fracture. Frenzy’s damage rate is low, but the automatic rate of fire makes up for it.

8. Shorty

If you’re playing Jett or Raze on the defender’s side, it’s a wise investment to buy a Shorty. Considering that you’ll be waiting for your enemies to come, the Shorty can deliver heavy blows to the attackers. In some scenarios, buying a shorty offers a low-risk, low-reward situation, so it’s a relatively better investment than the Frenzy.

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Eco-rounds can be a turning point for the rest of the match if planned properly. There are countless examples of Pro teams making comebacks initiated from carefully executed eco-rounds. Besides that, winning an eco-round also boosts the morale of the players. Economy management in VALORANT is just as important as developing other skills in the game.

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