VALORANT To Introduce a New Rank Tier “Ascendant”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Riot Games is introducing a new rank tier in VALORANT, and it will be called “Ascendant”

VALORANT is Riot Games’ foray into the highly competitive first-person tactical shooter genre of games. Despite solid competition from CS:GO and Overwatch, Riot Games managed to garner a dedicated player base consisting of players from different FPS games.

Since VALORANT’s release, it has undergone constant changes to keep its competitive integrity. Riot Game changes Weapons, Agents, and other aspects with every update to constantly change the meta.

Currently, there are 7 Rank tiers in VALORANT. Iron is the lowest Rank among seven tiers, and Radiant is the absolute highest a player can get in this game. Only a very few players can reach Radiant in different regions.

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New Rank Tier “Ascendant”

It is not uncommon for VALORANT to spice things up to improve matchmaking. Riot Games made many changes to the Rank system, such as adding more sub-tiers in Immortal Rank. Moreover, it seems like they will make more changes in the following updates.

According to ValorLeaks, Riot Games is adding a new Rank, “Ascendant,” in the tier system. And it will be in between Diamond and Immortal. Similar to previous Rank tiers, “Ascendant” will also have three sub-tiers.

When Will “Ascendant” Be Added To VALORANT?

There has been no solid information on when Ascendant will be added to the game. However, expect it to see it in the following 5.00 patch, which will go live on June 22, 2022.

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