VALORANT: Players want to “Re-Roll” the Night market using Radianite points

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot introduced the Night market with VALORANT’s latest patch 1.14. The main purpose of the Night Market is to offer discounts on cosmetic items.

However, the entire process is totally random. Meaning players can’t just select the skins that they want a discount on. Instead, each player will get only 6 chances to get discounts on randomly selected premium skins. Even the amount of discount a player can get is randomized.

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After players had a chance to try their luck in VALORANT’s Night Market, a significant portion of the player base claims they got really poor quality items in the sale. Right now, there is no option to reset the items that are currently on sale.

Night Market reset

Most players are now suggesting Riot to give players the ability to reset the market in case it doesn’t give players anything interesting to purchase. One fan suggested an idea to reset the market using Radianite points.

Since Radianite points can only be used to upgrade VFX or unlock different color variants on certain weapons, adding the option to spend those points to basically re-roll the Night Market might improve player experience with the cosmetic store.

Riot on resetting the Night Market

Riot still hasn’t decided their long term vision for the Night market. Although in a recent dev blog, they assured players that the Night market is going to get more improvements in 2021.

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Even though Riot doesn’t intend to drastically change VALORANT’s cosmetic store, some subtle changes might still arrive with features like the Night Market. Which in theory should make it easier for players to get more stuff.

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