VALORANT: a new rank glitch is randomly making players Radiant

VALORANT is a really competitive 5v5 shooter that attracts players who love a challenge in their multiplayer game.

Some players in VALORANT loves the grind in the competitive environment that is the ranked mode. Therefore, rank plays a huge factor for most players who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game.

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Recently, players have witnessed some really weird behavior from the ranked mode. A new rank glitch is apparently turning bronze players into Radiant after only one random ranked match. And right now, it is believed to be a widespread issue affecting players of all ranks ranging from Bronze to Immortal.

Valorant radiant rank glitch
Image via VALORANT Academy

Radiant rank glitch

Climbing the ranked ladder is understandably very difficult for most players. Only the top 1% of players make it into the elite rank called “Radiant”. Since some bronze players are getting an easy promotion to Radiant, diehard ranked junkies are obviously upset.

Some players have spent hours in the Immortal lobby only to get some positive green arrow in their career graph. Whereas, some low ranked players are glitching their way into Radiant.

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Riot Games has not made any official statement surrounding the issue as of writing. We will definitely update you whenever new information comes to light.

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