VALORANT: Riot claims Night Market will get better in 2021

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valorant Leaks

Riot Games just launched a new feature in VALORANT’s digital store called the Night Market.

The basic premise of the Night Market is that it will give players discounts on randomly selected skins. Players will only get six chances to get different types of deals. And all of these deals will be randomly generated.

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The overall reaction from the community has been quite mixed right now regarding this feature. But most do agree that having discounts on cosmetic items during the holiday season is indeed a step in the right direction.

Valorant Night Market
Image via Valorant Leaks

However, the random nature of this discount has been divisive among the player base. As players can’t simply select the skins they want, for most players this feature might not be that useful.

Riot’s future plan for Night Market

Going into 2021, Riot Games just release a new blog where they looked back on all the changes VALORANT has made throughout the release. From giving players the choice to select the exact variant they want while purchasing a skin to better observer tools, Riot made some solid improvements to the quality of life stuff.

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However, they plan to further improve upon the Night Market going into 2021. Additionally, they claimed that they are looking for more ways to give players more stuff. So, expect Night Market to get a lot better with time.

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