VALORANT dev thinks Brimstone could probably use some help in competitive play

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

In VALORANT Episode 2, Riot Games changed the whole controller agent meta in the game.

Previously, Omen dominated the meta at almost all skill levels in the game, but in episode 2 that slowly started to change as Omen received some major nerfs. In place of Omen, both Viper and Brimstone received some massive buffs which shifted the whole agent meta into a new direction.

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According to a VALORANT dev, Viper has finally surpassed the fifty percent win rate since her release. This indicates the whole meta finally changed and Viper is no longer unusable in most scenarios.

However, Brimstone has also garnered a lot of new fans following some crucial buffs to his entire kits. One VALORANT dev stated that both of them are apparently neck and neck when it comes to winrate.

Brimstone needs more help

But in high-level competitive matches, Viper is easily outperforming Brimstone. Even though Brimstone currently enjoys a healthy pick rate at most skill buckets, his competitive pick and win rate still leaves a lot to desired.

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In this instance, Brimstone is well balanced, but some extra help especially in competitive modes can finally tip the scale in his favor. That may prove to be a difficult ordeal following the recent spike in Viper fans.

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