VALORANT episode 2 patch 2.0: Omen receives a major nerf while Brimstone gets a massive buff

Earlier in a recent dev blog, Riot did promise a major meta shifting update incoming for episode 2 of Valorant.

Some of the changes have been revealed already and it seems like Riot is actually planning on making a major shift to the meta. With the start of episode 2, Omen will receive some major nerf. In the meantime, Brimstone will be getting a major buff that will potentially make him more prominent at high-level tournaments.

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Omen has been an S tier agent with recent changes. Pro players like 100T Hiko even selected Omen as an S-tier agent in his character tier list. Most players in the VALORANT community believe Omen is really good and is a perfect match for lurkers.

Omen gets nerfed with patch 2.0

With patch 2.0, Omen’s paranoia will cost 200 more credits to purchase. On top of that, Omen’s smoke will get a speed reduction. As omen’s smoke is already one of the slowest in the game, this new change will likely make it even harder to use.

Brimstone gets buffed with patch 2.0

Brimstone is getting some major buffs with episode 2. Brimstone’s sky smoke’s range has been increased alongside its actual duration. Furthermore, the price of the incendiary grenade has been decreased and they will inflict 33% more damage to the opponents.

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The final cherry on the top is definitely the changes made to the stim beacon as now there is no equip time required to cast this utility. This means brimstone is definitely getting at the top of every tier list fairly soon.

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