VALORANT New Agent Yoru’s Contract Rewards Revealed

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: VALORANT news Twitter

A recent leak on Twitter has revealed the contract rewards for the upcoming legend Yoru in VALORANT.

VALORANT’s new Agent Yoru, is coming out soon with the new battle pass on January 12, 2021. Yoru was revealed just a few days ago, along with all his abilities. He is going to be a duelist with distraction-type abilities. Most of his abilities are used to distract the opposing team and reposition quickly and silently.

Recently, Riot revealed Yoru’s cinematic trailer titled “Retake” where we saw all of Yoru’s abilities in action. Yoru’s abilities will have some of the most insane outplay potential in the game. But we are not here to talk about Yoru’s abilities today.

A recent leak has revealed the contract rewards for Yoru, and today we will be talking about that.

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Yoru Contract Rewards Revealed

ValorLeaks is a renowned leaker among the VALORANT community and has recently shared Yoru’s contract rewards. ValorLeaks shared a video on Twitter that shows us all the rewards for Yoru’s contracts.

Similar to previous contracts, Yoru also has 10 levels of contracts that players can earn rewards from. The first level of Yoru’s contract will award players with the “WHO’S NEXT SPRAY.” Tier 2 has a “VALORANT YORU CARD”. The third level of Yoru’s contract reward is the “GATECRASHER” card. Next, we have an animated spray called “SHARP SPRAY” where an animated Yoru is combing his hair.

If you reach level 5 on Yoru’s contract, then he will be unlocked for you to use in VALORANT matches. After that, we can see a weapon charm as part of the contract-level rewards. Level 7 of the contracts will have a Yoru spray. Then, levels 8 and 9 will reward two-player cards.

Level 10 of any contract reward usually has a weapon skin, and this time is also not different. Yoru’s contract level 10 reward is a Sheriff skin that has Yoru’s color scheme on it.

The video below also shows the “DEATH WISH SHERIFF” skin gameplay at the end.

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