VALORANT dev confirms Yoru will be a nightmare for Sentinel agents

Riot Games officially revealed their next agent Yoru with a cinematic gameplay trailer. According to Riot, Yoru will be a lurking duelist.

The trailer showcased Yoru for the first time and also gave players a glimpse into what this new duelist can offer to the game. Most of Yoru’s abilities were leaked ahead of the official reveal. And the community is understandably excited for the long-awaited Episode 2.

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Following the official reveal trailer, fans started to speculate exactly how his abilities like fake footstep and his Ultimate where he goes into another dimension actually work. Some fans were confused about exactly how his footstep is going to sound like in a real match and how it will interact with other agent abilities like Cypher’s trip or Killjoy’s turret.

Dev confirms footstep will break Cypher trips

A Riot dev gave some clarification on how some of Yoru’s ability will interact with other agent abilities. Turns out, Yoru’s footstep can actually trigger Cypher Trips. However, this footstep has a very small hitbox so if a Cypher player places a trip low enough to come in contact with the footstep then it will trigger the tripwire.

Additionally, these footsteps will also interact with Cypher’s cage and make noise. Killjoy turrets will react to these footsteps as well. As a result, Yoru will be a nightmare for all sentinel agents as he will be able to bait out some utilities.

Furthermore, Yoru’s ultimate will make him completely invisible from long range but will be somewhat visible at close range. While Yoru is using his ultimate he will be able to run past Cypher tripwires.

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It seems like Riot made a stealth agent to deal with sentinel agents. Really good Yoru players will be able to utilize his kits to bait out enemy utilities and will likely make life hell for agents like Cypher.

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