VALORANT First strike champion explains why stats, Elo, and rank ultimately doesn’t mean anything

The winner of VALORANT’s first major tournament 100T Steel shares his thought on ELO, stats, and rank.

Steel was a known figure in the CSGO community before making the jump to VALORANT. Following his past with match-fixing scandal, he was banned from entering any big tournament hosted by Valve.

Despite his ban, he still continued his grind with b-tier teams as he was really passionate about the game and was often considered one of the best brains in the game. Recently he retired from professional counter-strike and opted to join 100 Thieves as their IGL for their newly formed VALORANT roster.

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With experienced players like Hiko and Nitro at the forefront alongside new talents like Asuna and Dicey, they were able to win the VALORANT First Strike NA tournament in a pretty convincing manner. Thus proving they are currently the best VALORANT team in North America.

100 Thieves winner of VALORANT First Strike NA
Image via 100 Thieves

100T Steel’s thought on rank and Elo

In a recent Twitter thread, Steel shared his frustration with pro players constantly going on about their Elo, rank, and stats. According to 100T Steel, things like Elo, stats, and rank ultimately don’t really matter in the long run.

And most aspiring pro player’s obsession with rank and stats are really not healthy for the game overall. Since VALORANT is a team-based 5v5 tactical shooter at its core, pure stats don’t really give you the whole picture regarding how good a player actually is and how that player is impacting the game.

Despite that, most players in the Diamond to Immortal rank have really unhealthy relationships with their rank alongside a superiority complex which in some cases can affect players’ ability to work together as a unit.

“Nobody cared about my stats in the CS:S 24/7 office pub server. I was the only person that cared. Nobody cares about your rank in this game. Play to get better and the stats/rank/elo will reflect it. The moral of the story is: Get good and f**k all the noise”, 100T Steel on rank, stats, and Elo.

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Furthermore, Steel also believes there is more to this game than pure stats as there are some things that can’t be measured in a player. For example, the intangibles that a player brings to the table, but those intangibles do play huge role in winning vs losing a tournament.

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