VALORANT player used deep fake to create free Singularity Phantom skin

VALORANT is a free to play 5v5 tactical shooter and Riot opted to use paid cosmetic items in the game shop to keep the whole operation running.

Riot Games is really known for creating amusing cosmetic items like skins in games like League of Legends. And VALORANT is no different. Since release Riot’s premium cosmetic team has released a lot of unique reactive skin bundles and 3 full battle passes.

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Despite all the disagreement regarding the price of these skins, most in the community still believe these skins are actually really amusing but they are overpriced. One fan decided to fix the pricing problem by using a neural network to emulate premium skins on top of the default skin.

Valorant Singularity Phantom Skin deep fake
Image via Riot Games

Deep fake skins in VALORANT

Since these skins are really expensive, this fan decided to make a small experimental project to overlay skins on top of base model skins. With the help of reference images, the neural network would train itself to properly layer the effects of your preferred skins on top of the base skin model.

Therefore, this user got to use the singularity phantom without spending a dime on the game. However, the main problem is that it is still computationally really intensive. And the visible square outline on top of the actual skin can be really distracting.

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However, as a fun experiment, this was one was actually quite good. This might prompt Riot Games to add a “no more deep fakes” clause in their terms of services page.

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