VALORANT New Duelist Agent Yoru: Abilities, Release Date, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Yoru, VALORANT’s latest Agent, and all of his abilities have been revealed ahead of Episode 2 Part 1.

Last year, Riot Games announced that they are planning to bring six new agents each year in VALORANT and will release at least one agent for every Act. As VALORANT Episode 2 Part 1 is just around the corner, players also expect to see a new Agent.

However, Riot has been teasing Agent 14 for months now. First, VALORANT Brazil’s Twitter account revealed a sneak peek of the new Agent, and later, the data miner confirmed that the new character is a stealth Agent.

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VALORANT Stealth Agent Yoru First Look

VALORANT Stealth Agent Yoru

Yoru Abilities

Here are all the abilites of Yoru:

  • Z: Creates steps sound. Press Fire to send it ahead. Or pre-place it with Alt-Fire, then press F to send the inactive one ahead.
  • X: Flash. Press Fire to throw it; it will pop after contact with the surface.
  • C: Press the ability button to place Portal, Press Fire to send Portal ahead, and Anchor Portal with Alt-Fire. Press Activate to teleport through the Portal.
  • Q (Ultimate): Press Fire to become invisible to enemies and invulnerable. (I suppose they still can hear you).

Note: these abilities were released with Yoru’s launch. Over the patches, these abilities have been highly modified and changed.

Yoru Release Date

VALORANT’s new Agent, Yoru is going to release VALORANT Episode 2 Act 1, which is scheduled for January 12, 2021.

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