A leak suggests VALORANT’s new agent might have invisibility

Reyna might finally have some competition

Riot Games just released the VALORANT patch 1.09 featuring some massive changes to the meta. And like always a new patch comes with some new data-mined content.

Data miners already saw a glimpse of what the next agent in VALORANT might be. And if the data found in the game files are correct then the next agent in VALORANT might have the ability to go invisible. While VALORANT already has Reyna who can go invisible for a short duration of time, she still needs to get a frag in order to even use her invisibility.

VALORANT new agent
Image via Riot Games

The new leak suggests this new agent might also have the utility to make others invisible as well. According to the leaks, it seems to be some sort of AoE(area of effect) type of ability.

VALORANT’s new agent ability:

Additionally, there are also voice lines found in the game files further confirming the ability. “Warning for other players: NEARBY STEALTH ENEMY“. This voice line suggests players might get a warning if some invisible players are nearby.

The addition of such an agent that can make others go invisible might bring something totally different to the meta. It will be interesting to see what kind of gameplay opportunities it presents to the players.

As this is still a leak, take all of this with a grain of salt. Just because it is found in the game files doesn’t mean that this is actually officially confirmed. Riot Games likes to experiment with different agent abilities internally and things can still change before the actual release.

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