VALORANT Episode 2 patch 2.0 to come with increased protection from rank demotions, confirmed by a dev

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Right now, VALORANT players are facing extreme challenges, especially at lower ranks as it feels really hard to climb up but at the same time it is extremely easy to get demoted.

The current ranked system in the game is tuned in a way that is making it difficult for lower-ranked players like silver and bronze to climb out of low ELO hell. The general consensus surrounding the recent ranked updates is really negative for lower-ranked players.

Apparently, one bad game can really hurt your rank and may lead to demotions. However, on a really good day, it is still difficult to see a massive uplift. Consequently, players are understandably frustrated with the current ranking process.

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Since there are very few protections against rank demotions, players are getting demoted far too easily. The latest patch 1.14 addressed some issues, but it didn’t solve the underlying problem with the ranking system.

We hear you on this, too often one bad day of play can result in significant rank loss and a good day doesn’t help you climb as much as you’d like. Our rank distribution bands are unforgiving and we have limited protection against rank demotion. We’ve been feeling this ourselves, and we’ve made some changes to address this with Patch 1.14, and more substantive changes will follow at the start of the year with the launch of Episode 2“, Ian Fielding, Senior Producer said.

Valorant ranked update 2021
Image via Riot Games

Increased protection from rank demotion

Following player concern, Riot admits their rank distribution bands are unforgiving. In the recent ASK VALORANT, Riot claimed with the launch of Episode 2 patch 2.0 in 2021, players are going to witness major changes to how the rank distribution works in the game alongside an improved protection system against rank demotions.

To be specific with Patch 1.14’s updates, we updated our rank distribution to make it easier to climb out of the lower ranks, significantly reducing the number of players in Iron and increasing the players at Bronze through Diamond ranks (Immortal+ will stay roughly the same). With patch 2.0 (early January), we’re going to add increased protection for rank demotions, while giving you some initial buffer room after you gain ranks. There are also going to be a TON more changes to the rank system with Episode 2, and we’ll have more info on that to come in early January next year“, Ian Fielding, Senior Producer replied.

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In short, in 2021 Riot will release the much-anticipated Episode 2 of VALORANT that will come with a better-ranking experience for low ELO players.

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