VALORANT dev confirms that half of the current active agent roster is undergoing massive changes

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The next Episode 4 of VALORANT is almost upon us and Riot devs have already given the player base hints regarding upcoming agent-specific changes that are currently in the works.

With the start of Episode 4, Riot intends on making balancing changes that will fundamentally change both the weapon and agent meta in the game. Riot already gave the player base a glimpse into what kind of tweaks they have in store for weapons as the upcoming patch 4.0 aims to significantly nerf popular weapons in the game.

Turns out, these weapons changes are not the end. During the recent dev blog, Riot devs claimed that almost half of the current agent roster is undergoing a massive transformation. Meaning a lot of agents are getting reworks very soon.

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Agent meta will be flipped upside down

The devs further stated that the version of the game that they are currently playtesting with revamped agents is inherently different than the current build of the game. In short, the current meta will be flipped upside down when Riot introduces these upcoming agent-specific changes to the live servers.

VALORANT Agent Rework 2022
Image via Riot Games

Since these changes are still in the playtesting phase, the devs haven’t revealed any solid timeline as to when these changes might be added to the game. The only solid agent rework timeline that we know of is Yoru as he is getting a much-deserved rework with the upcoming VALORANT patch 4.03.

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Apart from the confirmation from the devs, we don’t have any clue onto which agents are actually next in line to receive these massive tweaks. We’ll definitely keep an eye on that one.

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