VALORANT 6.07 PBE Patch Notes: Bind Returns, Visual Update, Bug Fixes, & More

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed the PBE patch notes for the 6.07 update. Unfortunately, Apart from the return of Bind, no significant changes can be found in the PBE.

VALORANT Public Environment or more commonly known as VALORANT PBE, is a game-testing platform where a few selected players can test new content on upcoming patches that are in development by Riot Games.

Although the 6.07 PBE patch notes didn’t mention it, Riot Games has officially announced Bind will come back to VALORANT replacing Icebox in the 6.07 update along with some major changes. Apart from Bind’s return, minor UI visual updates will be tested in the PBE.

Moreover, players worldwide have been facing issues with the mouse’s Push-to-Talk settings, along with some other visual bugs and locale settings update issues. Riot has confirmed that they’re aware of those issues. So, hopefully, we’ll get to see the fixes very soon.

bind changes 6.07
Credit: Riot Games

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VALORANT 6.07 PBE Patch Notes


  • Visual Updates to our in-game UI indicators (the yellow and red UI that appear when utility is around you or you are taking/about to take damage).
  • Added animation to our Yellow Directional Indicator.


  • We are currently aware of an issue with mouse-bound PTT settings where those will not work when entering a match.
  • We are currently aware of an issue where displayed names in the friends pane might not be functioning correctly.
  • We are currently aware that updates to locale settings may not work.

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