VALORANT PBE Server: How it works, How to join, Requirements, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games just launched its first public beta environment or PBE specifically for VALORANT.

The first round of PBE invites has been sent out already by Riot Games. From now on, Riot will be able to deliver more reliable patches with fewer bugs altogether. Also, future patches should be much more stable than their past counterparts.

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What is PBE?

PBE is common for a live service game such as VALORANT. Basically, it allows developers to test out new changes and fix any bugs by deploying changes on a different server. Meta changes made in the PBE may or may not arrive in the actual server if the developer finds the changes to be too disruptive.

Similar to the League of Legends PBE server, Riot Games is now recruiting players with a clean track record in the game to join the VALORANT PBE. Furthermore, players with PBE accounts will be able to test out agent nerfs or buffs, new agents, maps, etc before everyone else.

However, the PBE server will only go live every other week. Consequently, players will be only able to play during weekends.

How to join VALORANT PBE

Even though anyone can join VALORANT PBE, there are some requirements that are needed to be eligible. First of all, players need to be from the North American region with a clean track record on their original accounts to be eligible.

According to Riot Games, the rationale behind this restriction is because they are also situated in NA. And they want to quickly and efficiently react to player feedback. Consequently, they will only be recruiting agents from NA for the foreseeable future.

If you are from NA and you don’t have any bans or restrictions on your original account then sign here. Keep in mind, your recruitment will be based upon many factors as Riot will look to fill up players from different skill buckets, PC specs, playing frequencies, and multiple other factors.

Also, the recruitment process will slow down after Riot recruits enough players to maintain a healthy server population.

I got an invitation by applying to PBE. Now what?

If Riot sends you an invitation after applying for the PBE then you will be able to download PBE specific clients from VALORANT’s official site. Just remember you can only log in to the PBE client if Riot sends you an invite after applying. Simply downloading the PBE client won’t make you eligible to enter PBE.

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Lastly, PBE will be monitored thoroughly by Riot devs. So, any bad behavior won’t go unnoticed. Players will be able to report others for violating Riot’s policies. Also, account sharing will result in immediate bans.

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