Bind will Replace Icebox in the VALORANT Competitive Map Pool in 6.08 Patch

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT just dropped huge news regarding the competitive map pool change. Apparently, Bind will replace Icebox in the 6.08 patch.

Since VALORANT’s release, it has undergone constant changes to maintain its competitive integrity. Riot Game changes Maps, Weapons, Agents, and other aspects with every update to change the ongoing meta.

Currently, there are nine unique maps in VALORANT. Every map has its pros and cons, and because of that, some maps are preferred over others. However, Riot Games cannot just put every map in the competitive map pool. As a result, some maps need to stay away for a few days to make room for others.

Similarly, in Episode 6 Act III, Bind will return to VALORANT and replace Icebox to spice things up for the players. The map will be available with the 6.07 update in the other modes apart from Competitive and Unrated.

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Bind Returns as Icebox Makes an Exit

Bind has always been a favorite map to the VALORANT community. Despite being one of the oldest maps in the game, players can’t seem to get enough of it. The map’s unique layout and teleporters make it more interesting to play.

On the other hand, Icebox was introduced to the game in the 1.10 patch. The players didn’t really prefer the map at first. However, as time went by, players got used to the unique vertical aspects of the map, and it even became some players’ first map choices.

Nonetheless, every map cannot be in the competitive map pool. So, one of the maps had to leave to bring Bind back into the game. And unfortunately, it was Icebox’s turn this time. But the good news is that Bind will undergo some modifications, so players can experience something new.

To know more about the specific Bind changes, click on this link.

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