VALORANT: All Bind Map Changes in 6.08 Patch

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games is bringing Bind in the 6.08 patch with minor to significant modifications. Let’s see what changes have been made to the map.

With the release of Episode 6 Act III, Riot Games is bringing in Bind, a map that has been a favorite to most players in the VALORANT community. Most players were upset with Riot Games’ decision when the map was removed from the competitive map pool. As a result, Riot Games may have decided to bring it back faster than intended.

Although the map is returning to the game, Riot Games will give it a major makeover so players can experience a different Bind. However, the changes will remain in a controlled manner so the original feel of the map doesn’t get lost.

The majority of the Bind changes will undergo around A and Shower area. The teleporter outside Shower was brought closer to the Shower than before. A site and Shower area have been modified so the tighter angles are easier to clear.

Moreover, the radianite crates on the A site have been placed in a way that gives the Attackers more space to plant a Spike, which was previously quite challenging. B site has remained mostly the same. The B hall to B site doorway is now broader, and there’s now an open vent on the wall in between the B site and Elbow. The vent will create many opportunities for both Attackers and Defenders.

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Bind Changes in 6.08 Patch

As mentioned, Bind will undergo several changes before making it into the game. Riot Games have already revealed the changes that will take place in Bind, shifting the meta completely.

Here are all the changes with detailed before and after comparison:

A Site Radianite Crates

Credit: Riot Games

New Teleporter Outside A Shower

Credit: Riot Games

Old Teleporter Outside A Shower

Credit: Riot Games

A Shower Interior

Credit: Riot Games

A Shower Exit to A Site

Credit: Riot Games

A Site Wall (Near Tower)

Credit: Riot Games

A Site Back Wall

Credit: Riot Games

B Hall to B Site Doorway

Credit: Riot Games

B Elbow

Credit: Riot Games

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Most players are happy as Bind is returning to the map pool again. However, if you’re an Icebox fan, don’t be upset. Similar to Split and Bind, Riot Games is sure to bring back Icebox in the near future. However, expect some significant adjustments to Icebox before the developers bring it into the game again.

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