VALORANT Split Rework 2023: All Split Changes

The most anticipated VALORANT Fracture rework is finally happening, and Riot Games has already teased us with all the changes that are about to be live.

Split is one of the first maps that was introduced with VALORANT beta, along with two other maps: Bind and Haven. Like most other maps, Split is a part of Alpha Earth. And it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Although Riot Games didn’t provide any concrete reasoning as to why they removed Split, based on players’ feedback, it was pretty evident that Split wasn’t a favored map.

On the other hand, Pearl was introduced in the map pool, so one map had to leave the rotation. Hence, Riot Games decided to remove Split temporarily and make some tweaks to it before it returned.

Split was removed in 5.00 Patch. And exactly after one long episode, Riot Games is bringing the map back into the map rotation with the 6.00 Revelation update. Unlike the previous version, the new Split is reworked to improve both Attackers’ and Defenders’ playable experience.

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All Split Changes Episode 6

A Main

  • First engagement area for Attackers has been widened and a small ledge added for mixups.
Split A Main
Credit: Riot Games

A Main Box

  • Boost box next to the orb has been reduced to give Attackers a new position looking into A site.
Split A Main Box
Credit: Riot Games

A Rafters

  • The under-over area has been removed, making this much easier to deal with as an Attacker.
Split A Rafters
Credit: Riot Games

A Tower

  • The back section of the Tower has been flattened to make the fight to Ramps easier for both teams.
Split A Tower
Credit: Riot Games

Mid Bottom

  • Players can now silently drop down Mid platform.
  • The trick-jump up onto Mid box has also been removed for simplicity.
Split Mid Bottom
Credit: Riot Games

B Tower

  • Defender side jump up box has been removed to simplify the space.
Split B Tower
Credit: Riot Games

B Rope Pocket

  • The hard corner here has been smoothed out to make clearing the spot easier.
Split B Rope Pocket
Credit: Riot Games

New Split Release Date

The reworked version of Split will go live as soon as Episode 6, Revelation releases, which is set to go live on January 10, 2023.

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