There is a Mad Maggie Ultimate Bug in Apex Legends Season 13 Most Players Don’t Know About

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball Ultimate has a unique bug that does not stun the enemies in contact. But most people don’t know it exists, even in Season 13.

Respawn made a surprise entry into the Battle Royale market with the release of Apex Legends. The game introduced tons of new content to the Battle Royale genre. As a result, the game blew up within a few days as it drew millions of players’ attention.

Apex Legends’ ability-based gameplay, Legends, and other QoL features made it unique from the other alternatives. At the initial launch, it only had eight unique Legends in the game. As the game progressed, Respawn introduced new Legends in every season.

As of this writing, there are 21 Legends in the game, with Newcastle being the latest of them all. Before Newcastle, Respawn released Mad Maggie in Season 12. She is an offensive Legend with medium-range fighting abilities.

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Mad Maggie Ultimate Bug

Although Mad Maggie has been an underwhelming character since her launch, her abilities can be handy in certain situations, especially the Wrecking Ball Ultimate. The ball bounces off floors, ceilings, and walls when released.

The Wrecking Ball also leaves zig-zag patterned trails behind, giving players a 30% speed boost if stepped on. Her ultimate can also break through doors or explode on enemies. If the Wrecking Ball hits its enemies, it deals 20 damage and stuns them simultaneously.

However, a weird bug with Mad Maggie’s Ultimate does not stun the enemies even if it explodes on them. Many people don’t know this exists in the game, as most players are not used to playing against Mad Maggie that much.

It has been in the game since Mad Maggie’s release. Many players have previously complained about it. Recently, a Respawn live team support RSPN_Pav confirmed that they are aware of this bug and are working on a fix. So, we might be able to see a fix for it in the upcoming 13.1 patch.

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