Apex Legends Fans are Worried That Lifeline Town Clinic Medbay May Become a Damage Farming Simulator

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Ezra_rc

Lifeline is going to get her town takeover in the next 13.1 update in Apex Legends. And some players think that this Lifeline Clinic will become a damage farming simulator for the exploiters.

A town takeover is a Legend-specific POI on a map that gets added later to a map following big Apex Legends updates. Usually, a town takeover takes place over noticeable events such as a Collection Event, Thematic Event, or an SFTO. As of writing, there are 8 town takeovers throughout King’s Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

The following Legend to get a town takeover will be Lifeline. Her town takeover will take place in the Awakening Collection Event. This time, Lifeline will cause some changes to the Olympus map. She will also receive some long-awaited buffs in the same event when the 13.1 patch goes live.

The new POI will be based on a clinic theme, which is unsurprising as Lifeline is a Medic. According to the leaks, healing items will be scattered throughout Lifeline Clinic. A special Med Bay section will also be available in the clinic, where players can regenerate their health pretty quickly.

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Will MedBay Become a Damage Farming Simulator?

The Lifeline Town Takeover will have some exciting features and locations. Among all the other features, the one place that stands out the most is the Med Bay area.

Lifeline Town Takeover Medbay
Credit: AG420

The Med Bay section’s huge device can heal anyone in a specific range. The device works faster than a Lifeline’s D.O.C drone. Because of this, some players wonder if Med Bay will become a heaven for the exploiters wanting to farm 3k and 4k damages.

According to many in the comment section, the Med Bay device does not have infinite health. So, there’s a limit on how much it can heal certain players. However, the device starts to reset as soon as a player drops from it.

They can return to it after a while and start regenerating health. So, there will definitely be players who will exploit this feature to farm damage badges unless Respawn decides to fix it before the final launch or release a quick patch afterward.

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