Lifeline to Receive Major Buffs in the Next Apex Legends 13.1 Patch

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According to leaked information from data miners, Lifeline will receive a major buff in the upcoming 13.1 patch in Apex Legends.

When Apex Legends was first released in 2019, Lifeline was one of the first characters to join the roster. Initially, she was a very popular Legend among the players because of her fast healing and active shield revive abilities.

However, Lifeline received some substantial nerfs throughout the years, making her almost obsolete compared to other Legends in the game. Although she received some reasonable buffs over time, they weren’t enough for players to switch to her over other useful characters.

To add fuel to the fire, Respawn introduced another new character called Newcastle in Season 13, who has a similar yet more practical reviving passive ability than Lifeline. Before Newcastle’s release, Lifeline fans thought Respawn would definitely make some changes to Lifeline to keep her relevant.

However, Lifeline did not receive any buff at the beginning of the season, and her pick rate started to go downhill. Nonetheless, that is going to change very soon.

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Lifeline to receive a Buff in Patch 13.1

Although Respawn did not change Lifeline at the beginning of Season 13, it seems like they had better plans for her all along. A popular name in the data mining community called ezra_rc found files related to Lifeline Town Takeover in Season 12.

Players were initially skeptical because there was no other solid information regarding that. However, recently, ezra_rc has revealed more information about Lifeline’s Town Takeover, and this time with concrete evidence.

Another data miner called AG420 has found files related to various leaks in Season 13, and among them, specific information was found associated with a significant Lifeline buff.

According to the leak, Lifeline will receive buffs for all three abilities. The buffs will be as follows:

  • Increased D.O.C. Heal Drone health pool: 150 to 9999
  • Doubled D.O.C Heal Drone zone reach radius
  • Downed teammates can now opt out of Combat Revive’s auto-revive
  • Reduced Care Package’s cooldown from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, 30 seconds.

When Will Lifeline Receive The Buff?

According to the leakers, Lifeline will receive her buff during the Lifeline Town Takeover at the Awakening Collection Event. The collection event will go live on June 21, 2022.

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