Flatline “Heat Sink” Recolor Will Come To Apex Legends Store Soon

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By Nazmul Hassan
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A recent leak has revealed a recolor version of the most sought-after skin “Heatsink”, that will be coming to Apex Legends fairly soon.

Battle Pass reactive skins are some of the exclusive and rare cosmetic items in Apex Legends. Players can get these skins by completing premium Battle passes every season. Respawn usually features two variants of these rare items for a single weapon in each new Battle Pass.

Havoc was the first reactive skin that Respawn introduced in Season 1, and after that, they featured other reactive skins throughout each season. However, Season 4 Flatline reactive skins stood out among the rest of the crowd.

The two variants of the Flatline skins were Heavy Metal and Heat Sink. According to the majority of the Apex Legends community, these are by far the best skins in the game because of their stunning look and Iron Sights, which are the cleanest and most useful Iron Sights in the game.

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Heat Sink Recolor is Coming to Apex

Although some of the Battle Pass skins are resold as recolors in the Apex Store, in the past, it seemed very unlikely that Respawn would do the same thing for the Reactive Battle Pass Skins too. However, a recent leak suggests otherwise.

Popular leakers in the community, such as KralRindo, Biast12, and SWL shared a video extracted from in-game files. Yes, it is a video of the Heat Sink recolor. The new batch of files from the Beast of Prey contains a Heat Sink counterpart with a Red makeover.

Like previously, data miners already revealed it before its official release. Earlier, a content creator named ThordanSmash also said that a Heat Sink recolor would come to Apex, but players were skeptical. However, the latest leak says it is in fact real.

Respawn just recently nerfed some of the iron sights from the game. Flatline Heat Sink is one of the skins that were affected. So, the recolor may not be as attractive to the community as it was previously. Nonetheless, the new Heat Sink recolor is still a great-looking skin, and many players will be happy that it is finally making its entry into Apex.

Is the New Heat Sink Recolor Also Reactive?

Surprisingly, the new Heat Sink recolor is also reactive. As you can see in the video above, the skin starts to react soon after getting a kill. So, it is exactly like the Heat Sink.

Heat Sink Recolor Release Date

Data miners have not found any solid information on the Heat Sink recolor’s release date. However, the model is completed, and it is already in the game files. So, we might be able to get more information regarding the Heat Sink Recolor soon enough.

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