IMC Armories Exploits are Still Here in Apex Legends Season 13 Following the Latest Patch

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Respawn released a recent patch addressing many bugs and glitches, including the most annoying IMC exploits in Season 13. However, it seems like Respawn has been unsuccessful yet again.

It is not uncommon for a game like Apex Legends to contain bugs and glitches, especially after the release of big updates. On May 10, 2022, Respawn set Season 13 of Apex Legends live with a huge update, and along with it, they made some minor to big changes in the game.

One of the biggest changes in the Season 13 update is the addition of IMC Armories. Currently, there are four Armories throughout the reworked Storm Point map. The IMC Armories are built in such a way that no outsiders can intervene while a team is completing the tasks in an Armory. However, players found multiple exploits to get into the Armory and throw grenades into the Armory to disrupt the players inside or kill them.

Listening to all the feedback, after almost a month, on June 7, 2022, Respawn finally released a patch addressing multiple issues that included the IMC exploits. However, they failed to eliminate IMC exploits from the game entirely.

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IMC Exploit Still Not Patched

Usually, Respawn releases a patch within one week or so to remove any major bugs or exploits from the game after they come to light. However, Respawn took almost a month to figure out a fix for the IMC exploits.

Although Respawn fixed some of the most considerable exploits that let players throw grenades and Ash teleport inside the IMC Armories, they failed to fix another known exploit allowing players to get inside.

The video shows that players can still get into the Armory by using a Trident after the latest patch. So, the exploit is still there in the game, and it is still unsure when Respawn will release a patch that will actually fix it.

We discourage you from using this exploit, as it can get you banned from playing Apex Legends. However, now, if you hear a trident above your IMC Armory, you know what might come next so that you can be ready.

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