Apex Legends Leaker Revealed All the Upcoming S13 Events and Skins in a Twitch Stream

A data miner named AG420 recently showcased almost all the possible upcoming Season 13 content in a single Twitch stream.

Apex Legends has a dedicated community of data miners who are always at work to reveal the unreleased content of the game. Whenever Respawn releases a minor or major update, these dedicated group of people always find their ways and extract the future content prior to the official release.

In every Season, data miners all around the world leak many exciting contents to the Apex Legends community. As a result, they also managed to gain a huge follower base. Like previous seasons, data miners have figured out what’s coming next in the future updates in Season 13.

The data mined contents always have some limitations as these are not always ready to go live. Some contents are also really difficult to data-mine because of Respawn’s encryption of the game files. So, many future content and skins stay undiscovered in every Season.

However, a data miner named AG420 stunned everyone by releasing back-to-back Apex leaks on their Twitter page over many days. Not long after, they also went live on Twitch and showcased every possible unreleased content through their live stream.

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Upcoming Events and Skins Leaks on Twitch Stream

On June 16, 2022, AG420 went live on Twitch with the title “Patch 13.1 Capture Event.” In the stream, AG420 demonstrated everything that is about to come with the 13.1 update.

Credit: 420AG420

The stream was live for two straight hours. In that duration, AG420 showcased many skins and upcoming content, including Awakening Collection Event, Gaiden Thematic Event, Lifeline Town Takeover, Valkyrie’s Heirloom, and more.

The video currently has 11k+ views, and the account is still intact. So, it is really unclear if Respawn and Twitch will take any measures against these types of channels sharing Apex leaked content.

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