Apex Legends Fan Explains Why Mad Maggie wasn’t Popular upon Season 12 Release

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Apex Legends’ Season 12 Legend, Mad Maggie, has been pretty underwhelming following her official debut.

Respawn entered the highly competitive battle royale market with Apex Legends, a spin-off game based on their Titanfall franchise. Despite tough competition from PUBG and Fortnite, Respawn attracted a huge but dedicated player base.

Polished FPS mechanics and strong first-person shooter fundamentals made this game an instant hit among the player base. On top of that, this game was free-to-play, meaning there was no barrier to entry.

To help with player retention, Respawn releases seasonal content featuring new Legends, maps, game modes, skins, etc. Mad Maggie, the latest character in the current Legend lineup, received a mixed reception from the player base.

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Mad Maggie is Not the Top Pick in Season 12

Following her official launch into the Apex games, she quickly fell from the top chart within a very short period of time. Based on past legend releases, it is evident that the Apex Legends community highly favors characters with any movement mechanics.

The player base has really sought after any legend with movement technology or invincibility. Legends like Wraith, Octane, Valkyrie, Pathfinder, and more have been well received upon release. On the other side of the aisle, the new legend Mad Maggie, who has a disjointed tool kit, fell from grace rather quickly.

Why Mad Maggie didn’t Work?

One Apex Legends fan came up with a clear explanation of why Mad Maggie’s pick rate was poor following her official debut.

  • Mad Maggie has a disjointed kit
    • Her Tactical and Passive thrive in enclosed spaces, yet her ultimate is a movement-focused tool for open spaces, meaning she lacks focus.
  • Mad Maggie’s kit isn’t very flashy
    • She has a similar aesthetic to Fuse and a relatively balanced kit, so she is not that pleasing to the eyes.
  • Oversaturated Class
    • The general Apex Legends community has grown bored of the same old “recon-assault hybrid” Legends that they have been getting recently, which is evident as Seer also fell from his top sport after the nerf.
  • Mad Maggie’s kit doesn’t add much new
    • Her passive is a scan, and her ultimate is just another movement tech like Octane, Valkyrie, or Ash. In short, aside from her Tactical ability, she does not bring anything too revolutionary.

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