Respawn faces backlash over returning old Legend edition skin bundle in Apex Legends

The popular battle royale FPS game Apex Legends developers are receiving public backlash for bringing back the old legend edition skin bundle.

Respawn made their foray into the battle royale genre of games with Apex Legends, a spin-off of their popular Titanfall franchise of video games. Instead of their past model for monetization, Respawn opted to use the tried and tested freemium model, meaning the core game is free-to-play. However, players can purchase cosmetic items using real-world money to customize their play sessions.

Since there is no barrier to entry, Respawn amassed a massive dedicated player base within a very short period of time. To help with player retention, Respawn releases new cosmetic items at regular intervals into their digital shop.

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Among these items, legend edition skin bundles are highly sought after by the Apex Legends community due to their character-focused unique cosmetic items. The legend edition skins were released a long time ago. Players who didn’t buy these skins when they initially launched were unable to collect them later as these skins didn’t return to the storefront.

Apex Legend Edition Skin
Image via Respawn

While Respawn didn’t mention anything regarding their eventual return to the storefront, many in the Apex community simply thought these skin sets were similar to battle passes, meaning they are timed exclusive and may not return.

Legend edition skin makes a return

It turns out legend edition skin sets are not timed exclusive as Respawn has finally started to bring back old legend edition skin bundles starting with Lifeline’s fan-favorite Guardian Angel Bonus bundle. Unsurprisingly, this has made a lot of old fans unhappy as they claim Respawn insinuated that these skins would not return in the future.

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On the other side of the aisle, many in the community stated that Respawn didn’t mention anything regarding the exclusivity of these skin sets, so it should be fine.

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