The Pathfinder view model bug fix introduces more bugs in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

The latest patch in Apex Legends that was supposed to fix all the annoying Pathfinder view model bugs introduces more view model bugs in the process.

All of this started when Respawn released the new aftermarket collection event where they finally showed some love to Pathfinder. Even though at first it seemed like the new grapple cooldown changes was a buff, in reality, it actually wasn’t.

Unfortunately, the new changes in the aftermarket collection event introduced more new bugs in Apex Legends. Basically, each time a player uses the grapple in the game Pathfinder’s shoulder would get stuck in the view model. And the only way to fix the problem was to climb a wall.

Pathfinder view model bug Apex
Image via Respawn

The new patch introduced more view model bug:

After many complaints, Respawn finally released a hotfix that targeted all the view model bugs and fixed some other bugs that were plaguing the game. However, as it turns out, the new fix came with new view model bugs affecting Pathfinder.

While before Pathfinder’s shoulder would get stuck in the view model, this time Pathfinder’s claws would get stuck in the view models. At this point, Respawn is literally introducing new bugs while trying to fix the old ones.

Consequently, the Apex Legends community is rightfully upset as this is directly affecting their overall gameplay experience. Respawn is yet to acknowledge this new lineup of bugs that they introduced with the latest patch. Hopefully, they will come up with another fix fairly soon.

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